FreeRange TV Flash glitch

Discussion created by shrimpie on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by shaw-shaun

Used FreeRange TV many times on both desktop and iPad. Still works on iPad. But today on desktop running Windows 7 and using Chrome it said I needed newer version of Flash Player. Last time I used it maybe a week ago and all of a sudden, this. 


In brief I downloaded Flash, made sure Chrome was configured properly (see 3 attached screen shots). Interestingly, FreeRange TV still works on IE on my desktop. But Chrome is preferred browser, frankly, I detest IE. 


So what's going on and -all-of-a-sudden? This really bugs me, guys. What's going on? As a senior, but on Internet since 1994, I think it's bad that accessing Shaw's great services - I love FreeRange as it allows me to be on computer and keep up with news or Eng. footie games - has these glitches. Am I the only one? Pay more than $200/mth (TV, Internet, phone), expect no glitches. Granted they are rare, but.....


Hoping this can be remedied toute de suite and has a simple solution. Many thanks for your help.