Shaw BlueSky VS Telus Optik (My Review)

Discussion created by trvcm85 on Aug 26, 2017
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I just made the switch from Optik to Bluesky. After using Bluesky for a little bit, I can way out the pros and cons 


What Optik has that Bluesky Doesn't 

- WAAAAAY more channels in HD (practically all the channels are now HD on Optik)

- Apps (Netflix, NFB, and stingray music is really neat)

- Live preview of channel while scrolling through guide via the picture in picture area. 

(Shaw makes up for this with the RIGHT SIDE GUIDE menu. Press the Right arrow and a side menu of the Guide pops up)

- Optik APP that allows you to control the box via phone (change channels, schedule recordings away from home. I recorded programs from work so that I could watch when I got home)

-mostly every show has the RESTART feature (yes even news, sports etc)

- the PVR is a tad smarter when it comes to recording a series. It never records the same episode twice where as Bluesky needs to work out that kink. 

- you can roll through the Program Guide continuously. However on Bluesky, If I get to the end of the guide..It stops , instead of it continuing to the first channel again. So I have to page UP back to the beginning. Annoying. 


Remote control: obviously BlueSky takes the cake on this one. Voice feature but it's also not an IR remote so you can use it without having to point it at the box. Optiks remote is flimsy outdated and feels cheap. Its also IR and needs to be pointed directly at the box for it to function. 


With that being said, I feel SHAW offers more for less $$$. The Bluesky system is clean and the voice feature is fantastic. The On Demand Menu is way cleaner and the integration with CRAVE and all the OnDemand services is fantastic. Once Netflix arrives on Bluesky and gets integrated into the "Search" field..we will have a winner!


Also the INFO section of each program is amazing. Showing the season and episode number is a huge win, and being able to see what options you have to watch the show via INFO is great. The rotten tomatoes reviews on every movie via the guide (not just On Demand movie rentals like Optik) is great and showing the pictures of the actors is a nice touch. It just LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER. 


I know there are kinks like the lack of HD channels, settings are minimal (need more options to customize guide), and the Recording "NEW series Only" feature is a mess on the PVR,  but these are things that'll get fixed hopefully. (If not I will definitely be ditching after my contract ends). Also the RESTART feature needs more options. (ie restart NEWS and other programming that isn't just ONdemand)


Overall I am pleased with the change from Telus to Shaw so far and I look forward to SHAW fixing the issues I listed above. MORE HD and fix the PVR issue!