can it be determined remotely if our house line is active?

Discussion created by yuno-gamer on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by shaw-jason

my friend is moving into the room next to mine in this house in less than 24 hrs. we already filled out the moving form on the site & got no response beyond 48hrs they said. we called & said they were "busy" end of month more movers etc.


the guy on the phone said the house was active & we could self install, but i said this past monday the landlords canceled all their services with shaw & went to bell mts, from what i can see here no cables, amp, splitters etc, were disconnected or removed everything is as it was & no one came to the house when they canceled. so a appointment for a tech to come was made just in case, but its not till sept 4..


all of the old equipment still here doesnt show and DS or US connection (i know "online" wont appear cause their services canceled, but id figure it show something on downstream/upstream channel connections), neither does an old shaw modem i still have. makes me think the line is dead from the outside.


i am asking this because, since our appointment for installation is far off from the move date ( aug 31), is it possible for shaw staff to determine remotely right now if the address has an active shaw line? so we can self install, update address & get on faster so we can cancel the tech appointment?