new modems?

Discussion created by yuno-gamer on Sep 10, 2017
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the puma 6 (and 7 apparently) problems are known & old now, we have the hitron bridged right now as its currently the best modem to have, previously had the cisco dpc 3848v its probably the worst one to have as its basically an unupdated intel puma 6 modem, while hitron had some updates.


the lag is still bad, hangs and skipping around etc in games, our speed is fine, we get the full 150/15 and icmp is fine (it was one of hitron's updates already), but the remaining problem is simple data itself, tcp & udp, still affected by this puma 6 latency garbage.


what id like to know is:


-does shaw have "new" or different, modems *OTHER* than the cisco dpc 3848v & hitron cgnm-2250 for *INTERNET 150*? i read around a couple months ago that users are being told techs know modems are basically here & are giving them out ahead of docsis 3.1 launch to get the puma 6 out of customer's homes?

-if so, can we request one now?

-is there a charge if yes & yes to above?

-if not when are modems going to be here? its been a long time now, puma 6 still isnt fixed properly. not after docsis 3.1 that supposedly to be near end of this year, just after a different better non intel puma 6 modem that will handle internet 150 without slowdown (as i hear the cisco dpc3825 has)


what about the arris sgb6782 shaw supposedly has would it do internet 150? if so, my concern with it would be its 8 downstream channels, on paper it should be enough but.. and it has broadcom hardware so isnt affected by this latency mess.