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DCX3200: Several channels Mute to Black

Question asked by dork.pie on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by dork.pie

After power-cycling the Motorola DCX3200 several channels refuse to "tune" in; showing only a black screen with no audio and no error messages.


According to the Audio/Video status in the diagnostics menu the Video Mute setting has a value of "MUTE TO BLACK" whereas a channel operating normally reads "UNMUTED."


They appear to come in eventually (> 12 hrs for AMC to come in after a power-cycle yesterday) but that's hardly acceptable.


Affected channels include:

4 (Shaw)

31 (A & E)

32 (Spike)

34 (TLC)

38 (Encore Ave.)

47 (Peachtree)

53 (AMC)

55 (Speed)

125 (TVR)

144 (GolfB)


The signal quality appears to be fine as several HD channels display without a hitch.


Any advice or anything I can do on my end?