nothing but problems

Discussion created by mikejbc on Sep 26, 2017

i have had nothing but problems with my service since june. i have had pixelation on 3 pvr's(1 gateway and 2 blue sky). i have had around ten service calls and the last few were from 2 foreman. they rewired my apartment down to the box in the basement and swapped my cable boxes twice, changed the connector in the wall outlet, the splitter, etc. and after all this i still get pixelation at random times, on different channels and even on movies on demand.i am having the box swapped again tomorrow and hope this will be the end of it. i have asked the foreman(who has 25 years experience what can still be causing pixelation and he tells me that this beyond his realm and tells me to talk to another foreman. he now seems annoyed when i call him and is passing the buck.pixelation has been around for many many years and people at shaw act like it's a huge mystery. the one foreman went as far to say that maybe i should go with telus, that was shocking to say the least. if telus did not have such poor service i would switch, so unfortunately shaw has me over a barrel as they do with many other people.if anyone else is dealing with a similair issue i would like to hear it so we can compare notes.