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Username in Windows 10 Mail App

Question asked by woomera on Oct 1, 2017
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I set up the Windows10 Mail app for a neighbour tonight , following the prompts and providing the additional information in the Advanced Page dialogue when requested. It logged in and seems to be running fine.


I didn't provide a username for the email as it wasn't requested. The first time we sent an email , it showed her husband's name as the sender. Obviously that came from the Webmail account. I logged into Webmail looking for somewhere to change it , and found The Settings for Sent Messages under the Primary Account Preferences.


The husband's name showed in the box , so I changed it and saved. Restarted the mail app expecting it to reflect the change , but it still shows her husband's name on Sent Messages. I should ad that the account name shows her husband's name as well , which seems to be the only other place the name appears.


Any suggestions as to how to get her name to appear on Sent Messages in the Windows 10 Mail app ?