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Bluesky and Harmony 650 remotes

Question asked by petemetro on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by tvelchek

I just had my system updated to Bluesky.  Very happy with the system so far.

I have 2 PVR boxes and 2 portals installed - the PVR boxes are the Arris AX013ANM units.


However I have 4 TV's each with different setups and a variety of BluRay players / Android boxes and Apple TV's.  As a result I was using Harmony 650 remote controls on the old Shaw system on each TV which simplified my needs to one remote control per TV.

Prior to changing to BlueSky I found a lot of conflicting advice (on these forums and elsewhere) about whether or not my Harmony remotes would work with the BlueSky system.  Even the Shaw install technician was not sure that they would work. He thought that the PVR boxes would probably have IR capability but was not sure that the portals would.


I'm happy to report though that the Harmony remotes work perfectly with both the PVR boxes and the portals.  The Harmony remotes are set up for an Arris AX013ANM box - that code works for the PVR units and the portals.

Of course the voice command function of the supplied Shaw remote (which still works on Radio Frequency) cannot be duplicated n the Harmony remotes, but it at least means that the Harmony remotes are not useless and can be used to navigate BlueSky as well as for all my other needs.


I have to admit that the voice command through the Shaw remote really works well and I do use it it as well! 

However I have posted this as information for anyone else in my situation who are wondering if their Harmony remotes will work, as I couldn't get a straight answer on this myself prior to install - hope this helps someone!