Shaw Home WI-FI Issues

Discussion created by nsparling on Oct 5, 2017
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Good Morning,


I have the Arris SBG6782 Advanced WiFi Modem and Internet 150 package with Shaw. The issue I am having is losing signal in the house at various spots.


Home Set UP:

  • Office is in basement next to utility room (office has 2 concrete walls & 2 wood walls)
  • Shaw Wi-Fi Router is set up in office (I know NOT an ideal location) at desk level
  • Main cable into house is in utility room (5' from current Wi-Fi plug in)
  • House is wired (5 years old) for network to every room (kids work wireless for mobility)
  • Several Devices added but not used concurrently (4-laptops, 4-mobile phones, 2-tablets)
  • House is larger home and longer (2 bedrooms over garage therefore Wi-Fi goes thru concrete walls)
  • All wired connections (desktop computer, game console, TV's) work with no issues.


Solution (??)

  • Move router to main floor (not desirable as I do game and prefer wired connection).
  • I do have a D-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Range Extender , purchased a while ago. So if I connect this in my bonus room (middle of upstairs, great Wi-Fi signal and already wired and connected) will this solve my issue??
    • My next question is do I set this up as Repeater Mode or do I use Media Bridge Mode as my TV needs a connection in this room (Netflix)?
    • For repeater mode, I assume this just resends my Wi-Fi signal out, can I use the same network name/password as my Shaw Wi-Fi Router (saves always having to switch networks)?




Thanks for any comments or advice (hopefully positive)  given for a somewhat technology advanced guy with some limitations .