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Can anything be done about the packet loss?

Question asked by kevinds on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by shaw-lance

Seeing very poor performance.  Nearly every test I run is poor, believe the source is related to packet loss.


I run everything through a private VPN (I have a dedicated server in a data center and a block of IPs I use at home)..


And yes, I am purposefully posting the public IPs, not much can be done with anybody having them outside of messing with my account.. is my Shaw IP, is the data center box.  I started the VPN to have a little more control in troubleshooting my internet troubles (plus the static IP block that Shaw can't/won't provide)


I am attaching a couple MTR outputs (not traditional MTR but as close as I can get).  I am having issues at both sides, in both directions..  Causing me lots of issues with anything real-time..  Gaming, live media streams, telephone calls..


If I recall correctly, one is ICMP the other is UDP, in both directions.


Please let me know your thoughts.