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NBA League Pass for season 2017-2018 - any updates ?

Question asked by darkesha on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by darkesha

Shaw is usually pretty late to let us know if they will be landing a new deal with NBA for the free league pass, but eventually shaw delivers it - free of charge (in contrast to Telus who is chargins $150 for season).

Im afraid we are getting spoiled every year and we expect it to happen again. Any clue if it's happening again ? Im away from home so I haven't kept up with news in case my question is answered through some publication. Also I have a second question - what is this year's requirement to have the games unlocked.


I wouldn't mind a heads up this year so I don't have to spend money on NBA LP from NBA, and pay for something I won't need. The value I get from League Pass is probably 85%  of value I get from Shaw TV package (have HBO but rarely watch) so Shaw, please keep 'em coming.