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BlueSky functionality shortcomings

Question asked by mickblu on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by tremben

I find that there are a few concerns with the BlueSky remote.  First and foremost is the 4-way controller. For reasons best known to the person (committee?) that designed it, it is almost devoid of tactile clues and I find it extremely easy to not press bang in the middle of any the four-way buttons and the keypress doesn't take. If the controller were shaped in a cruciform shape your fingers couldn't help but press in the correct spot. One of the best controllers for this is the Roku remote which is exceptionally easy to use without looking, and they even change the texture of nearby similarly shaped keys so you can differentiate them!


The lack of a 'Previous' key is very disappointing. I hate having to go to 'Last' and then study the list of shows that comes up, remember which one it was I was watching, cursor over to it and press 'OK', This is far too many steps when we already have the Pg Up and Pg Dn keys.


The 'Replay' key is redundant and should be a 'Previous Channel' key so I can bounce between (say) CNN and BBC all day long if I wish with a single keypress like I used to be able to do on my old Gateway + Portal system and every other cable box on the planet!


Next, is the Guide inconsistent behaviour. Wow, I thought, I how wonderful to have the ability to create a customized Favourites list! By choosing that list I can just step through the channels I like and want to watch! But no... I can only do that by pressing the Guide button, then go to Favourites then press Exit. Then press the four-way right, then up/down to the next channel, then OK. The Channel Up/Down should simply follow whatever Guide mode I am in and all would be well in the world. 


BTW, did anyone notice how slow this box is in changing channels altogether? So much so they have to bring up the channel's logo and a scanning dot pattern (please wait...) while the channel changes. Really? In this digital age? Harrumph!


With my Gateway+Portal system I had two remotes in my bedroom (one for each resident of the bed!) but apparently this "new and improved" system doesn't allow more than one remote per portal (no real technical reason, they just chose not to do so!)


What about the A,B,C,D keys? Press the microphone key and a microphone graphic appears on screen (duh, did I really press the microphone key?) but press any of the four alphabet kys and it's anybody's guess what they do. How about an on-screen clue? Press any of the four to bring up the menu, and a second depression executes that key's function. Thanks for the reminder! (and if you get really good and don't need reminding any more a setup menu option could turn off that function!)


Another beef, although unrelated to the remote, is the lack of anything other than HDMI on the portals. I have tow TVs (LED) without HDMI inputs. One because my Home Theatre system is incapable of HDMI, the other, the TV's HDMI port ceased to function. I used an inexpensive set of RGB+audio cables that came with every PVR I ever got. Now, I have to buy a $150 adapter to achieve the same result. Really?


From what I understand this Comcast box has been out in the US for quite a few years, but it seems that no improvements have been made. Why? Really, is that perfect that you can't find a single enhancement?


Please Shaw, tell me I didn't make a horrible mistake? Point me to a web page where all the customizations I want can be implement. Please? I'm sure I'm not alone... <sob>