New Shaw Student 150 User - Plauged By Puma6 - Switch me to 75mbps?

Discussion created by veronica44 on Oct 11, 2017
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Hi there, I am a CCNA and CCNAS certified tech and networking being my specialty. I currently have Telus 50, but I signed up with Shaw about 5 days before the student promo ended, and went with the 150 plan, as I was looking for a faster alternative. It wasn't until I got it setup, that I started noticing massive packet loss, huge fluctuation in speeds between 35mbps and 120mbps. This is while connected directly to the modem with no router (in bridge mode).


Running the Puma6 test @ dslreports is just brutal. My download speed fluctuates so wildly. All of my testing has indicated I am experiencing massive packet loss, as well as wildly fluctuation speeds. I have yet to be able to run a speed test that goes over 130mbps. The majority of the speed test, the speed bounces between 35 and 95mbps and only hits 120 immediately before the test terminates.




So, seeing as I still have my Telus line, this is what I want from Shaw if I am to continue paying for your service:


1. Switch me to the 75mbps plan and allow me to use the Cisco DPC3825 in bridge mode (YES it DOES work with the 75mbps plan, and is the best modem you carry by far. I have confirmed this with 3 Shaw techs and several Shaw staff on Dslreports within the last month. This modem used to be used for Shaws 250mbps plan)


2. I am willing to continue paying the SAME cost as the 150mbps student plan, if you allow me to keep UNLIMITED data on the 75mbps plan.


So basically, I am willing to pay the same amount, for less speed, as long as I can keep unlimited. I don't think that is unreasonable at all, and if anything, a "better deal" for Shaw anyways. Hopefully this can be done. Perhaps leave the account as 150mbps, but switch my line/modem to the 75mbps one for simplicity?



Thank you very much for you time!!