Hunt Display Problem on my PVR Solved

Discussion created by breeann on Oct 16, 2017

Thought I'd post this in case it helps any other customers I've noticed on the forum who have had the HUNT display show up on their PVR's as I did.  

Here's what finally worked for me to get rid of it ~  I used to have to turn my PVR remote & TV remote on and off separately.  Then some months ago when I had to get a new PVR remote, the tech who did the setup did it so that the PVR remote turned on and off both the PVR & TV and all was fine until a couple weeks ago when HUNT began displaying on my PVR screen.

A few days ago "something" told me to try this ~~  After I finished watching TV I turned the power off with my PVR remote which turned off both the PVR and the TV.  Then I used my TV remote, turned on the TV, then turned it off.  So I've had no HUNT display since.  

Don't have a clue why this worked but I ain't complaining ~ LOL!