Question about the premier of an upcoming TV season

Discussion created by ziggurcat on Oct 29, 2017
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Hey there,


There's a new season of a show (The Curse of Oak Island) scheduled to premier on History on Tuesday November 7 at 9pm ET/PT (which is little more than a week away), but it's absolutely nowhere to be seen when I search for it to schedule the DVR to record the series - even when I advance the guide to that date, that channel, and that time.  Has there been a scheduling mix-up again? This hasn't been the first time I've searched for a show, and there has been issues with scheduling a recording.


I also have had it happen several times where (because of this broken icon) a show that I had confirmed as a scheduled recording did not record, so I was forced to cancel the series (which had a broken icon next to it in my list), and re-establish the recording schedule... recently, with another show - The Voice - I wasn't able to re-establish that because the DVR was telling me there were no other showtimes scheduled despite trying to do this a day or two before the show was airing.


Don't know why this stuff happens, but it does.