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BlueSky TV is unreliable

Question asked by daved on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by shaw-tamara

I changed from Gateway to BlueSky a little over two weeks ago, and as of last Friday I have no TV at all.  It says it cannot connect to the platform.  Sweet!  I called Shaw and the best they could do sending a tech out to fix it (I hope) was about 10 days out.  So we have no TV at all - thankfully the internet is still connected and the home phone also.

Service said, when I complained about the delay in a service call, they would put me on an 'overbooked' list - whatever that is.  They asked me when I would be available so of course I said Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at virtually any time.  What I did not know is that it was wishful thinking they would actually be out earlier than they originally said.  I heard nothing from them at all.  So here we are on the following Friday, and I don't expect Shaw until next Monday.

This is generally unacceptable.  Hire more staff - pay for more overtime - and if that doesn't work, fix BlueSky so it works consistently.

I am expecting an account credit for at least the time they did not fulfill their end of our contract.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Was it a one time thing, or did it happen again?