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Problematic node in North Langley (Walnut Grove)

Question asked by ricanuck on Oct 14, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by shaw-don

Last night, around 7:30 pm, my internet speeds and latency went suddenly down considerably. I'm on Internet 150, and my speeds were (still are) 70-80 DL and 3-5 UL... I recently got convinced to try the Hitron, although I knew the reputation of that modem...naturally, I thought the modem was starting to live up to its fame. I tested everything: rebooting (6 or more times already), changing cables, and connecting directly from my PC. Nothing changed. So I live chatted with an agent around 10:00 pm last night, and after a while I convinced him to run some tests on the network (Shaw's), and lo and behold, he found that the node in my neighborhood was acting faulty, and he said it was very likely the source of the problem. Now, Saturday 4:00 pm, and the problem is still there, including an awful latency to most servers (even Shaw's). One would think that this being a general area problem, that the techs would prioritize it and solve it as soon as possible... no?

So, where are they? Are they working on this? Was it even reported somewhere? I don't see anything in the services/outages page...

Where are they?