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Should I have ports 8080 and 8181 open?

Question asked by david_sikma on Oct 25, 2017
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I just ran the "deep port" scan on Internet of Things (IoT) Scanner - BullGuard  and it's telling me "Your network is reachable through port 8080 & 8181" and "This is typically a web port, which is used when hosting a website or serving webpages from your network.".


I've never enabled those ports to be open intentionally. How would I go about closing those ports? I don't host any sites from home, and don't need to access my network from outside of my home.


I tried to close them via the "Port Blocking" on my Hitron router/modem but I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly as that site continues to state that they're open. What would the exact settings need to be to close them off? 

Or is there no real risk in having them open? I've read a quite few things now saying close them off if you're not using. 


Thanks to anyone who took the time to read my query