DPC3848 IP pass-through with two addresses not quite working

Discussion created by sbk58 on Oct 27, 2017
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I recently upgraded my Shaw internet to the 150 service. I requested two public IP addresses and that the modem be bridged. My intension was to combine my two internet services (MTS and Shaw) into one while keeping them isolated using the two IP addresses and two third party routers.
When the modem was activated it could not be set to bridge mode. After a couple of support calls attempting to activate bridge mode failed I thought I would try using the IP pass-through feature of the Cisco modem.
I configured the modem to enable the IP pass through feature and connected a third party router to the modem. This worked, my third party router shows a public IP address that is different then the public address displayed by the modem status page. All of the incoming services provide through the third party router can be connected to from any computer on the internet except one attached to my Cisco modem.
If a computer attached directly to the Cisco modem attempts to connect to a computer attached to the third party router the connection starts to send data and will stop mid stream, after a few hundred bytes. I have used a number of different internet devices connected to Shaw, MTS, and Rogers to test my inbound connections and they work great. But any computer connected directly to my Cisco modem (WiFi or ENet) can not. Any one have any ideas.