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Bad ping

Question asked by jalbz on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by shytowns

Like most users with the 150 internet.  I have terrible ping.   My download is good at 150 and my upload is good too.  But my ping is atrocious.  


It it used to be in the 40-50ms range but since I moved it’s been in the 70-90ms range


I bought this internet strictly for one device. To game on my Xbox One and play nhl18 at a good speed.    The network performance of other players I play with is generally between 5-13ms.  Which I expected mine would be after upgrading to this internet.


I have dealt with playing with a 40ms ping for the longest time. But I shouldn’t have too.  Not even 20 ping, at least with the rate I’m paying.   And now I’m suffering at 70+ ping on the regular!   As a gamer.  The delay between movements is crutial.  And these are extremely noticeable.


I direct connect 

I use the Hitron modem that comes with the internet 150

I use an Xbox One.  (Another console was used with the same results so it’s not an error on the Xbox side)

I do not use a computer.  Only my phone (iPhone 8+ 256gb)

I also do not seem to see any packet loss when playing my game.  (Net performance would tell me) 



Would like to be under 14ms ping at the least.  


I don’t get why I should have to spend more money on a gaming router for an internet service that can’t even use a modem/router that supports their own internet...