Bridge mode vs IP passthrough

Discussion created by salongarolando on Oct 28, 2017
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i find ip passthrough usefull when erouter have built-in name server..(asus rt-n16). 

heres the thing..i moved to new mate has internet via shaw..its cgnm-2250 same as mine..but mine has tech difficulties..techjician is on the way on sunday. but anyways..i connected port 1 to port 1..both router..router 1 (active) to router 2(my). router 1 dhcp enabled..router 2 same setup except dhcp turned off and different ssid's .. gateway ip on router 2 is different than router 1..i connected to router 2's wifi with static ip, gateway is router 1's private lan ip..internet is good..however i want to assign public ip to router 2..since there is no wan port on these routers, how do i do that?