Pal moves to assisted living facility offering basic Shaw TV

Discussion created by shrimpie on Oct 21, 2017
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Hi again,

This is the first of two discussions I'm initiating on behalf of a friend. Contact me privately for her specific details.


My senior pal in an early discussion (see below) will move to assisted living in Ashbourne on Nov. 2, 2017. Ashbourne which residents 'basic Shaw tv' as part of their rent. Earlier discussion: 


Besides the basic TV (assume it's 'Limited TV' for $25/mth on her bill), all she wants extra is PBS. (She no longer wants CNN or Turner Classic Movies). 


Currently she also pays for

* Internet 5 ($60/mth)

* Personal phone ($18/mth)

* Personal phone Voicemail & Call Waiting ($6/mth)

She wants to keep these BUT she does NOT need '250 Minutes NA Long Distance' for which she pays $5/mth.



1. Please advise how much her TV bill at Ashbourne will be with only PBS extra to the facility's included 'basic TV'.

2. Given she no longer needs 250 mins NA long distance, what will her TOTAL bill be at Ashbourne?

3. NOTE: She wants to keep her existing phone number.

4. What specifically does she need to do to

      a) Keep her phone number and get it set up at her new location in Ashbourne? 

      b) Get her Internet and TV set up in Ashbourne? 


Many thanks. I'll now create a new discussion about a related issue.

Cheers, Pat (aka Shrimpie)