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Speedtest and Different Browsers

Question asked by dxmc on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by shaw-lance

This is unusual. I checked my internet speed in Opera using Shaw Speedtest and found that I was getting low download speed, around 100 instead of 150. I called Shaw support and determined that I was getting good throughput and there wasn't a problem on their end. I checked my own equipment and couldn't find anything wrong. So I tried shaw speedtest in Firefox and got a down speed of over 170. I then tried, still in Firefox, and got similar results. So I went back to Opera, tried, and got the same poor results I got with shaw speedtest.


I then tried Internet Explorer. With Shaw speedtest I got poor results similar to what I got in Opera. But when I tried I got excellent results, similar to Firefox.  To sum up;


Opera  Shaw                D 105.9 Mbs  U  16.2 Mbs

     D 103.1          U  16.16


Firefox  Shaw               D  178.1         U  15.0

     D  178.65       U  16.28


IE          Shaw               D  112.3         U  15.3

     D  178.72       U   16.29


Why these differences and how do you objectively get an accurate reading of actual internet speed ?