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Spotty Internet issues

Question asked by l46x9bk on Nov 5, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by shaw-ken

Hello everyone. Glad to be part of the forum. I have been a Shaw Internet customer for about 4 months. I have had excellent internet service until about 2 weeks ago. All my devices cut in and out in regard to connectivity. This includes Windows 10 Laptops and And Android phones. I have restarted my modem many times. The modem is only a few feet away from most of my devices. It is funny as these problems started after Shaw sent me an email saying I get a free upgrade from Internet30 in the next month or so. Could this be related? I know it is not the devices as they all go down at the same time with different OS s. Sometimes I can hardly use the Internet, send email or stream. Other times it is not as bad, although the last 2 days have been terrible. Thanks for any help.