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Blue Sky Audio Sync Issues

Question asked by snarkysparky on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by shaw-lance

I'm in Calgary and I've noticed this mostly on The Weather Network (271) and A&E (444). On The Weather Network it's just a sync, the video being maybe 0.5 sec ahead of the audio. For A&E, it's both an audio sync and audio drop. The audio drop is a millisecond or so, just dropping a syllable here and there from the audio, but more than enough to be annoying and sometimes requiring me to use closed captioning. Lower channels don't seem to be affected, neither are channels (I think) above 444. HBO (472) and above seem to be fine. Happens on both out Blue Sky boxes, the main and secondary. TV models are different on both, one being an LG the other a Samsung. Both TV have secondary audio setups (Bose system and a Sony soundbar), but I've tried having audio direct to the TV and it's the same response (audio sync and audio drops).