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Channel 257 technical problem ??

Question asked by dadswaug on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by shaw-ken

I have reported 2 issues related to channel 257, both seem to have baffled the technical people for some reason which I don't understand, So I'm looking for help on the forum.

Issue 1) is that I can NOT set channel 257it as a Favorite for some reason. The "favorite " option is not available when I press "Info". Only certain program segments on the channel (ie Market Call; Commodities, etc) have I been successful at but not the CHANNEL. ( I have no problem setting 104 or 108 as a Fav)

Issue 2) i have Berman's Call set for Series recording (New Episodes only) and i keep getting ALL episodes. (New episodes always air at 9AM on Mondays). Normally, this is simply a problem with the provider not setting the "new" or "repeat " flag for the system to recognize and treat it accordingly. Whenever I have reported these similar issues with multiple recordings, they get taken care of relatively quickly and without much problem.


However, with both of these issues the agent has reported back to me that the technical people have looked into it and can't seem to either understand it, or fix it.... So they want to dispatch a tech out to "have a look ".... But this is a system programming issue,, not a hardware issue,,, isn't it? Help me understand..