I must STRONGLY recommend that Shaw Hotspot NOT be on by default

Discussion created by t_c on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by colton_w24

As someone with a little bit of knowledge about Wireless, I am absolutely flabbergasted that Shaw would decide to enable the Hot Spot on all capable modems by default. Ignoring that this is consumer equipment which is trash at handling QoS at any reasonable throughput in order to handle the prioritization of traffic on the device, lets just take a look at what an average apartment complex would like like for SSIDs (below).


My 2.4GHz network is already near unusable, and the 5GHz is getting there - any more on 5GHz and I would need to look into an AP capable of DFS channels. Introducing another SSID is going to make airtime contention with beacons/clients exponentially worse.


20 SSIDs on the 2.4GHz range. That would be doubled if the Hot Spot adds another SSID. 40. That is insane airtime with just beacons alone.