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Question asked by burntman on Nov 20, 2017
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Bluesky TV 30 Second Skip (missing) Feature + Others


Hi I just signed up for Bluesky TV...but in doing some reading I'm concerned with a couple of apparently simple lacking features.  


This is a question + hopefully a way to add my voice to what features are prioritized for next release.  


1.  30 Second Skip Forward: THIS IS A MUST!!!!   

If the "Exit Exit Exit 0030" trick does not work I WILL RETURN THE BLUESKY, CANCEL MY CONTRACT WITHIN THE 10 Day window and SWITCH to TELUS!

As others said, I use 30 seconds skip ALOT.  And ALOT for Football and Hockey.  This is a MUST feature.  I see the trick-out work-around for the Page-UP and Page-Down on Comcast posts, so not necessarily a Shaw error.  But this NEEDS to be remedied.  Like I said I will SWITCH PROVIDERS if the workaround does not work.  There were recent posts saying since a recent (August maybe) update that the work-around does not work anymore.  In that case, hello Telus.

Even if the workaround is valid for now, losing the 5 minute skip is bad / stupid.  ANY PVR should have both.  And as others have said, now there is a redundant 15 second back.  

This is a major F_up by whoever (box man, Shaw. Comcast, etc.) not to have it.  Like someone who never watched anything on a PVR set the requirements.  30 Second forward and 15 second back is basic...a a car must have wheels.

These days, a user should be able to set the Forward and Back skip interval in 1 second increments.  Having one (HUGE!) 5 Min forward only setting is ridiculous.  

Can someone from Shaw (or anyone) with latest Bluesky FW test the "unsupported" workaround for me?  Could save me grief of getting (then returning) the hardware if it doesn't work.  


2.  App / Web control for Remote Programming of the PVR: 

I've been using "old faithful" box with old (SD Guide, Blue-y) Software (so stable!)...but often I forget to record sports.  My wife is fed up doing it for me, so I figured I'd get into the 20-th century and get new HW offer that allows me to set PVR remotely.

I was VERY surprised this wasn't avail yet on the Bluesky.  

Not a Deal Breaker (like the 30 second skp)...I'm willing to wait as sounds like it is in the works. 

I would however like a confirmation that it IS in the works.  I know you can't give firm commit dates (I develop software for embedded platforms)...but just re-confirm that this (one day) WILL be a feature.


3.  One Click Access To recordings:

I agree with others who would like a quick one-button push for their recordings.  Not looking forward to a bunch of clicks to get to recordings.  And "saying" recordings late at night when my family is sleeping seems weird / unlikely.


4.  Previous Channel Toggle:  

Agree with other posts.  This should be a one button toggle.  I like having a more than 1 recent list, but a one button toggle between previous should be do-able and should be a feature.


5.  No Profiles in Netflix App?:

I can't believe that to be true.  Just read it.  I'll assume that's not right.  That's pretty much a must for Netflix.   


Kudos to Shaw for listening to customers and providing a "Free to Me" guide view in last update.  Lets hope next update addresses some of the above (especially 30 SECOND SKIP!)   


Note:  Losing a channels Buffer when switching is normal to me (I never had a Gateway).  I record anything I want at all to keep anyway (and now with 6 possible...just record).