How long for reboot

Discussion created by rickatk on Nov 20, 2017
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After a few portal hang ups I have concluded the reboot time of 10 sec may not be enough. On one occasion my BlueSky portal just didn’t want to reinitiate, stating something was wrong. I arranged for a service appointment, unplugged the device and went on holidays. On returning, I rebooted the portal - worked!.


Last night similar symptoms(voice search /iP crash). Unplugged the device, 10 sec, still no joy. Unplugged the device, left it unplugged while I flipped on Netflix on my Apple TV and watched new episodes of Punisher. After a couple hours rebooted the BlueSky portal - worked just fine.


I’m not saying you need to unplug the device for hours but best to give it a good bit of time. 


All in all still very happy with BlueSky. Looking forward to some more apps like YouTube!