Shaw needs to be more inclusive

Discussion created by businessperson101 on Dec 8, 2017
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I am writing over my concern of your “Blue Sky” remote system which discriminates against persons with disabilities.


One of your technicians informed me that your cable TV system is incompatible with any remotes other than Shaw certified remotes. This is specifically an issue for person’s that have limited arm and finger movements because, in order for voice activation to work on your “Blue Sky” remote, one must press a button. I work with an individual that has Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease that has drastically changed her life. She has slowly lost function of her limbs making her dependent for care for almost every aspect of her life. One aspect of her life that she would like to regain control over is the ability to change the channel. Your system is designed in a manner that discriminates against her and anyone else with limited upper body function that would like to independently change the channel through voice activation.


It would be beneficial for your company to increase the versatility of your remotes to make them truly voice activated – in a similar direction that Google, Samsung and Apple have prioritized within their systems. With the increasing effectiveness of medicine and our aging population you are going to see a growing percentage of the population living with disabilities requiring these alternate setting features. 


All I can recommend for my client at this time is to discontinue business with you as you have not included her in your design process.  I will continue to recommend alternative service providers for my clients until I see any change for inclusive, universal design.