Large Email attachments vanish on mobile device

Discussion created by 1-800-bob on Nov 29, 2017

Large email attachments vanish when using Exchange Active Sync connection. 

When I receive an email with an attachment greater in size than about 12MBytes, or multiple attachments totalling more than about 12 MBytes the following happens, IF connected to Shaw email using the Exchange Active Sync protocol. 

A single large attachment will show on my iPhone or iPad (using Apple Mail app) as ready to download. Tapping to download shows the progress of the download to a certain point, and then the attachment simply vanishes. 

I duplicated this by setting up my account on my desktop using Outlook 2016, using Exchange Active Sync (I know this isn’t supported by Shaw on desktops, but worth the test). In this case, there just isn’t any attachment shown. 

Connecting any of my devices using IMAP protocol solved the issue. 

Multiple attachments totalling more than the roughly 12MBytes, when downloaded, simply dropped off any attachments above the cut off limit. 

Again, using IMAP, I received all the attachments. 

I spent 2 weeks with Apple Support on this issue for my iPhone / iPad issue. Was escalated to a fairly high level. 

Then I found an article in Zimbra (Shaw uses Zimbra mail servers) support forum, on just this issue. There is a setting in Zimbra to limit attachment size to Mobile devices, I.E., devices connected using Exchange Active Sync protocol.

Steps to increase max message size for ActiveSync devices - Zimbra :: Tech Center 

The senior advisor I was working with telephoned Shaw Support to discuss. Shaw adivised him that they are aware of it, but aren’t going to change it. 

So for anyone, especially if you are using your Shaw email for business purposes, be aware that you may not receive attachments, or all of multiple attachments, if you use Exchange Active Sync protocol on your mobile device, AS RECOMMENDED by Shaw. 

A work around that will enable you to continue syncing your contacts and calendars using Exchange Active Sync, while using IMAP for your mail (to ensure you get all your attachments), is outlined in one of my previous posts for a previous (now resolved) problem. 

Apple iOS 9.2 and Shaw Email attachments with account type "Exchange". 

I hope that down the road, Shaw I’ll see their way clear to fix this issue.