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Why did Shaw take away the 30 sec skip from their bluesky.

Question asked by reichertd on Nov 29, 2017
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I have never been so disappointed with a company like I am with Shaw. I was going to switch to Telus, which I should have, but they convinced me to stay, And to switch to BlueSky crap. It is unbelievable to me that they would take away so many features, you would think that thing would get better over time NOT worse. So lets list issues.  Biggest one is the skip feature, why would I want to skip forward 5 minutes. The Gateway had both skips and you can control it. Yea I know you can program it for 30 sec, but I had the system for barely a week and I had to reset it twice. So I think Shaw is detecting this and resetting my remote. Next issue is I used to be able to record an entire show even if there was only 5 minutes left. Now if I hit record, it will only record what is left.  The whole system overall is slow, when skipping forward, I have to wait between each skip. Old system I could hit skip 6 time quickly and it would catch up. These are only the main issue, I know no one will comment on these issue and give reasons why they are going backwards (based on my experiences with their service) But I'll see. Oh and 1 more thing, why was the remote recording app not working with BlueSky. Another backwards technology decision. Oh and now another issue. I spent all this time typing and the it would not let me submit. Got an error and had to retype this whole dam thing.