anyone else sick of the blu sky bugs?

Discussion created by mikejbc on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by shaw-phil

the problems with my blue sky box keep growing. first it was that i could not watch a recorded a show, then it was that only the first  half of 2 shows recorded( the box recorded the first half twice). then series recordings of shows do not get recorded when those shows are off for a week or two. when i tried to set a series recording manually it will not let me, i can set a single recording. i follow all the steps to record all episodes and get the message" your recording is set". but i do not get the three red circles in the guide that you are supposed to get. when i check in the list of scheduled recordings it only shows a single episode set to record. when i call shaw technical support and do not have to wait forever to talk someone, i get someone who has no idea what i am talking about and just tell me to unplug the power cord and that's all. i also get rude and unprofessional agents as well, there also is conflicting information given, i talk to three people and get three different answers. there should not be these bugs because this technology came out 5 or 6 years ago from comcast in the u.s and this is who makes the software for blue sky. shaw does not care about it's customers, i have had pixelation on my t.v. for 6 months and have had 15 service calls, including service calls from 2 foreman and the head of technical operations and they cannot fix it. maybe i should ask the mailman if he knows how to fix it. this is unacceptable service, and there is no point calling the c.c.t.s. as they do not have the power to make a cable company do anything.