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Can't get DD-WRT router to acquire my 2nd IP

Question asked by reillywood on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by reillywood

I had this working for about 18 months or so, then last week we had some internet access issues and shaw recommended replacing the Hitron 2250 cable modem.  Now I can't get my DD-WRT router to connect through this new cable modem to acquire the 2nd IP that's on my account.  I've tried for several days now and at best the DD-WRT router acquires an IP for about 30 seconds then looses internet access.  Most of the time it won't acquire an IP.


I have the DD-WRT router set up for WAN auto DHCP.  I have the Hitron cable modem configured for IP Passthrough via MAC addressing.  I have a 2nd IP on my account.


Things I've tried:

1. restarting the cable modem and the router

2. confirming that the router cable is from the WAN port to the cable modem LAN port (not that there's any other choice on the cable modem)

3. resetting the cable modem and starting from scratch

4. using IP Passthrough with port mode and I've tried with diff port configs

5. using IP Passthrough with MAC filter and using my laptop MAC - in this scenario, my laptop (when hardwired to the cable modem) will get the 2nd IP

6. using static IP from the DD-WRT router


I'd rather not reset my DD-WRT router and start that config all over again but other than that or return this new cable modem, I'm out of ideas.  I have not tried bridge mode on the cable modem.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


For now, I'm connecting in through my cable modem, which works well enough but it doesn't provide enough coverage for the house, hence my interest to get the 2nd router working.