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My PS4 loses connections constantly

Question asked by theallnewandimprovedjoel on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2017 by shaw-lance

I have a Cisco DPC 3825. My wife used to be able to watch Netflix while I played online video games. Now it doesn't matter if anybody is on the internet, my PS4 is losing connections to the server.

  1. Port 1 is my wireless router (Archer C7).
    1. 2 cell phones are connected wirelessly
    2. Laptop
  2. Port 2 is my PC.
  3. Port 3 is my PS4.

I used to have both the PC and PS4 connected (wired) to the wireless router. Netflix ran fine, but PlayStation store was flakey and Rainbow Six Siege would drop out every once and awhile. But it's been getting worse. Buddy told me not to be double NAT'd, so I put the PS4 directly on the Cisco DPC 3825.


It is worse now. I disconnect every match or every other match. This is *not* an issue Rainbow Six servers. My ping is 32ms to "wus". I thought I'd try again without them, and I disconnected part way through a match. Every match I've done with my coworkers has disconnected in a middle round or the end of a round. I'm lucky to make it through a single match and get a "win".


I've already talked with a support rep about bridging my modem, but they said there is a weird error code blocking them from bridging it. This is really frustrating. It used to work better.