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What is the current model of Gateway DVR?

Question asked by pharmchick on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by shaw-shaun

We have an XG1-A Gateway DVR as our TV gateway, but I think it has a problem with white noise, possibly caused by the internal fan unit.  I just blew out the gateway as well, no effect.I have a Shaw truck coming today and I may ask to have it replaced. I want to know which model to expect if a replacement is offered to us. We have some crackling static occasionally on our TV's. Its annoying because we have a well developed theater room which I have been very particular on developing with high end wiring and systems. I think its on the input side of the distribution from the gateway. I did ask to have the pedestal tested for signal clarity and the tech thinks it maybe a spliter , which I have had tested this year, so I'm not confident in that prognosis.