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Not impressed with who ever installer did this ...

Question asked by matthew.sourtzis on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by matthew.sourtzis

Really not impressed Shaw ! Like what stupid installer would pull a paying active customers line ! And the kicker ... Have to wait till wed for a for sure appointment...    Meanwhile my service is out 100% .. something has to give for a earlier time for a tech to come out ..  other wise I'm gonna have to leave to the competition which I checked ... Could have come out Monday for a install ... Iv been with you guys for a long time and this is very verry poor service ... I work in the service industry and I'm about to start spreading the word about this incident and the poor service... Something has to get done allot sooner. Let it be told I also do some work from home and reqire the Internet service .. this screw up I will make go viral ... I know allot of peoel .. hope somebody shaw-lance sees this .