Well now.. This aint so good..

Discussion created by wickedjack on Dec 3, 2017
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For the past month or so we've noticed our home network has been slow and just not "right" 

I've already reinstalled windows on 2 of the machines reconfigured everything reset the modem to default setting's 

Another machine was found with a bitcoin miner running in the background somehow got by our firewall + malwarebytes and Avast..


In the "real world" as for speed we're on the 150 if I were to go find say nvidea graphics drivers for my card which are usually 400mb or so... What kind of speed should one see running wired direct from wall to modem (DPC3848V) to pc its a dedicated line for internet no TV connection at all coming off it.


Chrome win7 64b X5470 @ 4.17GHz 16G ram 10/100/1000 adapters