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i have had pixelation on my tv for six months, i have had around 15 service calls and still it persists. my pvr has been changed twice and my suite was rewired. i get the pixelation on every channel, sometimes it's so bad that the picture breaks up or the screen goes black. every time a tech comes out they tell me that the signal strength is good, but when i talk to tech support on the phone they tell me the transmiting levels are low and that is what is causing the pixelation. there is a huge lack of communication between the different departments at shaw. i have had 2 foreman and their supervisor out here and they cannot fix it.there also bugs with the blue sky box, such as the pvr only recording the first half of a show twice, being unable to watch shows that are recorded. i had a service call scheduled when i talked to the advanced technical operations department and asked them to email the supervisor that had been out here to tell him that the transmit levels are low, so he could hear it from another shaw employee, the supervisor then canceled the service call. he had no business canceling that appointment, there is still something wrong with my service and it's like they can't be bothered to fix it. that just goes to shaw does not care about it;s customers. it's at the point now where i am considering taking legal action against shaw.