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No output on TV's optical digital audio with input from Blue Sky HDMI

Question asked by finagle on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by finagle

I just switched to Blue Sky.  I had a Gateway.  There are only two HDMI inputs into my TV.  One for a PC, the other for the bluesky box.  My TV has an optical digital audio output port which I connected to my old audio receiver, so I could listen to the audio on headphones.  No headphone jack on the TV.  As I changed the input source on the TV, the audio went to my receiver.  I could set the TV volume to zero but still listen on the headphones.  Over the air TV signals came through headphones.  PC audio came through headphones.  The Shaw TV portal came through the headphones.  When I switched to Blue Sky, suddenly no audio from the shaw bluesky box.  Still got audio from other input sources(OTA, PC) but nothing from Blue Sky.


Is there some sort of block by HDCP on the digital audio?


I tried changing the device settings for audio in bluesky but it had no effect, neither HDMI Audio output or Digital Audio output.


I fixed it by connecting analog RCA cables to my TV's audio out and one of the the audio receiver's input sets and switching the receiver to use that input instead of digital audio.  Back to normal, audio comes through the head phones as I switch input sources.


Adding this in case someone has a similar problem.