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DCT700 does not activate

Question asked by arnhip on Dec 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2017 by shaw-don

My DCT700 will not activate.  When I called to activate a couple of days ago the representative was not able to activate.  They were going to call back in 10 minutes but never did.  Before he hung up the rep said that the box needed a "firmwear" upgrade of some sort.  They couldn't do it remotely however no matter what they tried.  What can I do to make the cable box work?  When I was using it a few years ago it worked fine.  I tried to activate the box myself online today without success.  I can see the channel menu but am unable to scroll.  When I press Guide on the remote it changes screens but I cannot do anything.  One screen says "Not authorised".  


Do I need to bring the box in somewhere or have a tech come out to have it updated?