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Cisco DPC3848V Port Forwarding not working

Question asked by assaf.khalid on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2018 by shaw-phil

I have the Cisco DPC3848V DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway. For the past year and a half every since I got Shaw, I have been trying to do port forwarding and have gotten no luck. For the record, yes I have done factory resets many times and still no luck. I have also configured backup files and restored them to my router many times. I have thoroughly gone through every single forum post on the shaw website and every other place I can find on the internet where people have the same problem. I have exhausted all possible remedies and still I have no luck.


My issue in particular is that whenever I input port forwarding and click Save Settings, as soon as the page refreshes the values go back to 0. Yes that means that they have not saved. And yes I have tried inputting them solely as UDP and TCP and BOTH and everything and I still have no luck. Yes I have tried many different port options to see if it is an issue with any specific ports. Yes I have tried every single method offered by SHAW representatives on this forum and the technical support call center. Please do not come offering any solution methods as there is a 99.999% chance I have already tried them. In fact, I have communicated my problem to a SHAW rep on this forum last year and still have gotten no reply, nor can I find the activity any more on my profile. Yes I have searched thoroughly for a firmware update for the modem and have found nothing.


PLEASE SHAW, fix my issue ASAP or I will go back to Telus. I have patiently waited for a year and a half and have had no luck with you guys. Telus just got fiber optics in my area, and my patience with Shaw has run thin. Please help ASAP. Thank you.