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BlueSky questions

Question asked by andy1 on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by andy1

Recently switched from the Gateway to BlueSky and played around with it for a bit but have a few questions:


Guide: I found where you can increase the font size, but is there any way to decrease the font size?  Particularly for the half hour shows it is hard to look at the guide and know what's playing without selecting each show as you can only see the first 8-10 characters of the show name.


DVR:  Is there any way to have the default ordering alphabetical?  I can go into the recordings and sort it there, but when I exit and go back in it says it is still sorted alphabetically but it is actually sorted on date.


DVR:  I see where you can default your recordings to start 1 minute early and end 1 minute late (Auto Pad Recordings).  It says it will do this "when possible".  What are the conditions that make it possible?  Also is there any way to change the length of the padding?


Closed Captioning:  Is there any way to not have the closed captioning appear over the guide / menus?  Right now I have to turn off the closed captioning before opening the guide / menu and then turn it back on afterwards?