When will Manitouwadge get new Microwave link Installed?

Discussion created by kanehart on Dec 31, 2017

I'm buying a home in 2018 in Manitouwadge in 2018. I'm looking forward to it but the entire town seems to be up in arms about their Internet connection. I did a lot of work investigating and it all comes down to saturated Microwave link and it looks like maybe it was false reports but one of the 2 there are currently broken.


I like to know if there will be an upgrade this year coming and what the community should know. People are getting 600+ Ping and not even 1/1 at times speeds. 


So could we get some sort of official response. I know a town of 2000 is not a big money maker but I assume you must have near 500 customers and bring is 25k a month and so in the end it pays itself off but at this point it looks like Shaw is ridding on the fact Bell has pulled out so the customers will not run off yet a lot of people been slowly moving to satellite and Mobile Internet in the area. Both much more expensive but at this point more reliable.

I would also like to open a local business and not be stuck even once fixed on 15/1 but a Higher Plan mainly upload speeds.




PS: I'm looking for a real and serious answer not one from a web support person but one that is asked up the chain and given an attack plan that can be shared with the community.