Bluesky picture quality poor

Discussion created by sbanner on Jan 12, 2018
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Hi everyone


I've been on Bluesky for a week now after 12 years of the good old Motorola boxes. My Moto DCX3400 (and the grey boxes before) was a rock and the picture quality pretty sharp, detailed and clean, but I find the Bluesky softer & mushier--almost compressed looking.  The Bluesky picture quality looks smeared and dark scenes struggle to look a step above SD at times. Overall it feels like the contrast is bumped to produce a punchy picture, but then it's hit with quite a heavy handed noise reduction. The worst part is I'm not enjoying my regular TV shows as I'm too focused on the picture quality. I've almost stopped watching TV/recordings altogether and find myself on the PS4 gaming and watching Netflix because of it. 


I spoke with @shawhelp on Twitter today, they looked into things and said signals are good, I'll be picking up that discussion with them when I get home and can troubleshoot first hand. I really want to try and get this resolved before my 15 day cancellation period of this service contract is up. I'd hate to know that this is just how Bluesky tv is. I've been happy with Shaw quality and customer service up until now so let's hope they can fix this.


How is everyone else's picture quality? Is there hope?