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BlueSky recording quirk

Question asked by kjam on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by kjam

Recordings set and confirmed yet they do not record. Once I must have goofed, second time am I losing my mind, third ---something is wonky. This has been occurring(with hindsite) while channel recording . Because of my love of following the POTUS orange (like really not smart) nutjob down south on MSNBC /CNN I've been starting the recordings in the afternoon through prime time hours.

I'll skim through in the evening. I thought we had 6 recording at once we could manage. Seems that a channel recording is

not just one recording, it counts for multiple recordings at once ---- or just confuses the box. Test last night confirms.

Was workable in previous PVR operation. Frustrating thing was on a few occasions while the channel recordings were going an on the fly movie/show would be put into record and show as recording but when playback was started an error message would state " error occurred on this do you want to try again..." this happened a few times and I thought it was just random.


For the suggestion box to fix.



Gold medal for the auto record extend on sports, it works.....