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Is it possible to white-list a receiving domain from mail filtering?

Question asked by kevinds on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by shaw-lance

So yes.. 

Is it possible to white-list a domain so that all emails addressed to it are relayed?


My email server is set to relay all outgoing emails through, as suggested and required without getting a static IP..  Emails to which are usually just junk emails, some of them (I am guessing) are being flagged by Shaw's SPAM filter and simply deleted.  (This is one reason I hate using Shaw's relay, but that is a different issue)


I am requesting that all emails addressed to are allowed through.


It is a service specifically for testing the background configuration of an email domain, the content of the message, subject and body, have no relevance nor bearing on the test, so junk emails are perfect.  **Moderator removed external link**


So I am curious and hoping this can be done.


And no, this server won't be staying here..  Just testing the configuration before it gets moved to it's permanent home and put into production..