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Speed dropoff shortly after starting download

Question asked by tosslehoff on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2018 by shaw-tony

Wondering if something's off with my modem. It appears to check out in tests according to reps I've spoken to, but apparently I don't qualify for any further assistance due to being 'grandfathered in' to a plan I signed up for 5 months ago. My only option is to replace the modem. I thought, well, better than dealing with jumping through hoops.

However I'm told that my "bridge mode promotion code" (seriously guys?) is now expired, and that if I want to keep my current plan, I'm going to have to deal with a replacement modem that can't be bridged?


Is this all true?

The issue in question is speed dropping off after beginning a download. Speed tests show ~80mbps to shaw servers initially, which then drops to ~20-30mbps. I'm paying for 150/15. Telus and various other server hosts in Vancouver outside of the Shaw network get higher speeds (??), generally bursting up to 150, but then they too tail off and finish at ~20mbps.


Actual downloads fare slightly differently, steady from 15-17mB/s. But that's hardly the ~25mB/s which I regularly pulled until whatever event provoked this.

I've disconnected my router and wired directly into the modem which did not change this behavior. However, the modem is in bridge mode, and I was told by the rep I spoke to that it cannot be swapped out of bridge mode to test, so it remains undetermined whose end the hardware fault lies on.



FWIW, packet parsers are clear. No flat-lines or repetitive drops.