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KVOS losing MeTV

Question asked by dxer on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by jeff69

Looked at a question about what's happening to channel 157. Since many of us get KVOS on channel 30, I thought I'd bring the issue to a different question. Also the answers from Shaw are not accurate. 


KVOS (formerly MeTV) - indeed formerly from Bellingham - is now KVOS Seattle. They are undergoing a content swap with their partner channel KFFV Seattle. So the Guide information on H&I - Heroes & Icons - is accurate. Soon we will lose MeTV altogether. MeTV is migrating to KFFV while KVOS is adopting H&I. Both stations are also switching in the 1st quarter to HD quality. 


So, for Shaw subscribers, two issues are emerging: 1. KVOS is becoming for many the less attractive H&I (unless you like old Star Trek every night, and 2. KVOS is going HD, which Shaw has shown it is incredibly slow at adopting. 


Question: Will Shaw apply for the rights to carry the new MeTV from KFFV Seattle, while continuing KVOS Seattle? And will Shaw upgrade KVOS to HD once it is broadcast within the next 3 months?


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