Shaw home hot spot interfere with my WiFi

Discussion created by charlie5229 on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by shaw-don

I used to play online game with no problem. My 2.5G channel has a signal strength of around 60%


Lately, I had my WiFi connection disconnected occasionally when playing online game.


After some investigations, here is what I found.


My 2.5G channel is now having a signal strength down to around 20 - 30 % . If there is disconnection, the signal strength will be at below 10%


But at the same time, the "Hidden" home hot spot Shaw installed into my modem has a signal strength of 70+% all the time, and it is using channel number 6.


I have to  conclude that the "Hidden" home hot spot is interfering with my own WiFi.


Any suggestion as how to make my online game connection reliable again?  Do not suggest changing my 2.5G channel number, this would not work.


(As I was composing this message, a popup said I may have sign-off and asked me to click a link to refresh, when refreshed, I had to sign-in again, this is never happened before)